« A Man for the week-end » in the planes of Brussels Airlines

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The Cameroonian movie is part of the choice offered to the passengers of this company…

The announcement was made by Syndy Emade, the lead actress and producer of the romantic comedy, on her Facebook page on December 8th. « You can now watch » A man for the weekend « on your flights in the Brussels Airlines and Air France Airlines.

She has shared screenshots of travellers from these companies who have contacted her to congratulate her on this other step taken in her projects. « We have had positive feedbacks of how proud Cameroonian travellers are to see their country’s films in these companies, » she said in her Facebook post. The rising star of Cameroonian cinema and mom for a few weeks now, has not concealed her joy.

« A Man for the week-end », directed by Achille Brice, is part of the list of films to watch when on board the planes of these companies. Released in 2017, the film tells the story of a young woman who invests her time in her professional success. Family pressure however imposes on her a stable relationship, which will logically lead to marriage. To conform or rather save her image, she decides to recruit a man (her collaborator) to present to her mother… during a weekend.

Playing the role of the weekend Man is Alex Ekubo, a well-known Nigerian actor. His performance in this film earned him the award for Best Actor in a lead role at the Next Generation Entertainment Awards 2018. Likewise, the best Actress in a lead role was awarded to his partner Syndy Emade.

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