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Blackfishing: Instagram puts forth a new trend for white skin

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Those who practice it are accused of cultural appropriation.

As revealed by the latest trend in fashion on social networks, it is apparently very fashionable to be black on Instagram. How do we get to such a conclusion? Judging by the number of “like” and “share” under the photos of the black icons of beauty? No! Make believe you’re black when you’re white. That’s the trend on Instagram. And we already found it a name: the blackfishing.

Blackfishing is the tendency for people with non-black skin, to use makeup to darken their colour and take up the codes of Black Beauty. This is the case of a Swedish influencer, pinned by her followers who thought, in good faith, to be in admiration of a Métis beauty. Emma Hallberg was unmasked when old photos of her surfaced. Even though she defended herself by claiming that her skin had just darkened after a couple of holidays under the sun.

Not convincing enough not to feed a big controversy on social network, she was accused of cultural appropriation. A familiar accusation to the Kardashian sisters, fans of African physiology and African braids as well. Even if it is judged unhealthy, some stars like Ariana Grande have displayed themselves on red carpets with “black skin”. Nevertheless, the “black is cool” trend is gaining strong grounds.

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    8 April 2019 at 7 h 20 min

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