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Curtain on the 3rd edition of the Sotigui Awards

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Many personalities of African cinema attended the ceremony that took place on Saturday 1 December in Ouagadougou.

The ceremony of the 3rd edition of the Sotigui Awards took place this Saturday 01st December 2018. A great moment of reunion for the actors and other members of the chain of the professional cinema. A significant presence of its Fespaco partners and that of John Kani enhanced the brilliance of this event.

Those who believed in a hoax had it all wrong. The actor, who incarnated the father of T’Challa in Black Panther was there, for the great pleasure of the guests. On this occasion, actors were awarded by the Sotigui Academy as follows:

  • Sotigui for Best Actor in West Africa

Nag Sy savanna, Ivory Coast

  • Sotigui for Best Actor in North Africa

Abdelmomen Chouayet, Tunisia

  • Sotigui for Best Actor in Southern Africa

Munya Chidzonga, Zimbabwe

  • Sotigui for Best Actor in East Africa

Hawa Alisa, Tanzania

  • Sotigui for Best Actor in Central Africa

Melvine Awa Azah, Cameroon

  • Sotigui for Best Actor Ghana/Nigeria

Joseph Van Vicker, Ghana

  • Sotigui for Youngest African Actor

Melanie De vales Rafael, Mozambique

  • Sotigui for Best Male Interpretation, Burkina Faso

Sadi Kiekieta, in Marital Conflict

  • Sotigui for Best Female Interpretation, Burkina Faso

Rihanata Zongo in the Madness of the Millionaire

  • Sotigui for the public

Moussa Guigma in “When a woman deceives you”

  • Sotigui for best upcoming African Actor/Actress

Margaret Mulubwa, Zambia

  • Sotigui for Best Actor in the Diaspora

Lupita Nyong’o, USA

  • Sotigui Golden Award 2018

AbdelMonen Chouayet, Tunisia


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