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How to wear makeup in Summer !

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With the high temperatures and heat of the summer, it is hard to retain a flawless makeup all day long. These are tips on how to keep your makeup flawlessly on, even for temperatures as high as 30 Degrees:
Tip 1 – Skin Cleansing
It is essential to wash your skin properly before tendering any sought of care or treatment on it. Go for cleansers with  light textures, like a gel or a cleansing mousse.
Tip 2 – Hydration
Because of the heat, you tend to sweat and therefore lose a lot of water. So prevent your skin from suffering from dryness, by applying a light moisturizer or water-based moisturizing gel. For faster penetration, apply a tonic on your skin before applying the moisturiser.
Tip 3 – Foundation
Ditch highly viscous or thick foundation products. Use instead a BB cream. It will give you light coverage on the skin with an optimal hydration.
If you want to blush your cheeks, opt for a liquid blush product. That will stay longer on your cheekbones. Use it in small portions.
Tip 4 – Eye Makeup
Ditch the black and dramatic smoky eyes. Opt for light-colored eye shadows or a dash of colorful eyeliner with a touch of waterproof mascara to avoid the panda effect of a flowing black make-up.
Tip 5 – Makeup of the mouth
Choose a tinted lip balm or gloss that will bring a touch of subtle color to your lips without weighing down your makeup. Miss out on matte lipsticks or lip inks, which are way too dry for this period.
Tip 6 – The sunscreen
Even in the city, it is necessary to protect oneself from the sun’s rays. So opt for a refreshing solar spray with a minimum SPF of 30. That way, you will not have the greasy feel of a cream, but you will still be protected.
Tip 7 – Perfumes
Avoid eau-de-toilets and perfumes. Opt for a body mist or body splash. They are more subtle and will give you a light smell adapted to the hot weather.
Note: Do not leave home without having a warm shower/bath that will re-hydrate your skin and make your face look fresh.

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