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Mathydy, the luxury watch 100% made in Africa

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This brand created by a Senegalese couple is simply summed up in three words: classy, simple and stylish.

This Senegalese couple had the courage to concretize an idea, inspired by a need to wear watches that resemble them. In this respect, they created the Mathydy brand in 2014, a contraction of Mathy and Idy. Mathy and her husband Idy are in the process of building an African fashion empire.

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Since then, they have assembled the first watch brand 100% made in Senegal. With inspiration from Africa, the different collections (men and women) portray the symbols of the continent and bear the names of its heroes, in particular the last collection called “Royalty”. The watches have, for example, been baptized, Mansa Musa, Barodia, Samory, Nefertiti, Makeda, etc., to pay homage to these kings and queens of Africa.

“Mathydy” Luxury watches have as ambition to be worn all over the world. To achieve this, the brand already delivers internationally and has developed an accessory segment of bracelets, rings and others.

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