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Patek Philippe 5980, the watch that shook Morocco

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In the start of September 2018, Insane Luxury publishes a picture of the King of Morocco on its Instagram account. This one shows Mohamed VI wearing on his wrist, a Patek Phillipe 5980/1400G with case and bracelet in 18carats white gold, with an impressive total amount of 893 diamonds weighing about 4 468 carats and 182 baguette-sized diamonds weighing 15.46 carats. A model estimated at 1.2 million dollars, or about 11 million of dirhams (Moroccan currency), one of the most expensive in the world.

This photo aroused a lively controversy over social media in Morocco. Mohamed VI is however known for his interest in rare works of art, such as his watch designed by a watchmaker based in Geneva, Switzerland. But, its price was judged indecent especially because of the context and economic disparities between the different social strata in Morocco. However, Insane Luxury did not say whether the king bought this watch or whether it was offered to him.

The Nautilus of the King of Morocco is worth more than the watches worn by Vladimir Putin (390,000 euros), Donald Trump (29,500 euros), Emmanuel macron (6,500 euros) or even Pope Francis (24 euros).

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