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Smile, your breach breeds good luck!

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The space between the teeth is nevertheless the sign of our singularity and sometimes at the origin of complexes.

People with a gap between the teeth can develop complexes because they are mocked at. The norm being to have well aligned teeth that open up perspectives to a broad smile….

Are there really reasons for not liking this space between your teeth? Yes, according to some doctors, because it can lead to important pronunciation defects as well as physical complexes. At the same time, it kills no one, so obviously for us, there is no reason to hate this spacing between the teeth inherited from a parent that you strong love.

The British singer Seal

Therefore, why devote energy to closing your rift? You wouldn’t even try if you knew what symbol it is given in many cultures. Otherwise called happiness teeth or lucky teeth, the spacing between the teeth is a beauty index. In some traditional communities in Cameroon, a woman is considered beautiful only when she has long, thick hair, a coppery skin and a gap between the two main incisors. In Chad, it is a sign that a woman who is claimed to be married will bring happiness to the home. In Western cultures, this rift has the same symbolic significance. So, why should we devote energy to close our rift?

Senegalese singer Coumba Gawlo

Two years ago, a movement was born on the Instagram social network after a young woman launched a call to the beauty community of Huffington Post. As a result of this call, many people around the world have posted testimonials and photos of their smile. It turned out that most of them took years to accept themselves because of the complexes developed around the famous breach… A pleasure for them to smile with from teeth to teeth.

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