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Some more News from Choupette!

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Karl Lagerfeld, of blessed memory, defied his cat. That, everyone already knows. He was so fun of the feline that he had recruited two nannies to take care of it, to pamper her, to satisfy her every desire. Maybe these women were talking about miaou? Let’s say yes! To have such a cult to a cat was still odd.

We crossed the border of ridicule when this great name of Haute Couture decided to make Choupette his heiress. Then there! Hate unleashed! Those who found Lagerfeld misogynist and grossophobic spat all their venom in explaining the mental and/or Satanist pressures that the designer had to give up. This is just a theory. So far, we can find it cute! And then it’s his money, he does what he wants.

If Choupette had to mourn all the tears of her body by learning of the death of her master, his bank account certainly comforted her. Becoming richer than thousands of people around the world when you’re a cat, is still something! In any case, there are some who would have liked to be in her place.

A rich cat, who can do what she wants! For example, throw a collection in tribute to her daddy! Just that. No! This is not a joke! Even if she cannot make withdrawals either on her account or on that of Lagerfeld (French law does not allow to leave ones fortune to a pet), Françoise, her new owner takes care of it! She (Choupette) can therefore finance what she wants. But who really knows what she wants?

Let’s imagine a working session between Choupette and her team. “Miaou Miaou Miamiaou… ». Translation: “I would like a drawing of me on two legs in black glasses with a shirt collar and a tie reminiscent of Dad’s style. The collection will be called “Rip Daddy”. Here’s the job! What could be simpler?

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