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The fatal beauty…

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Over time, it has become impossible for some women to dissociate from the beauty of their nail, long and beautifully varnished nails. To achieve this, they use artificial fingernails which, while adding a touch of femininity to their appearance, can be dangerous depending on how it is used…

Be careful with the file

The placing of the nails is accompanied by a filing of the natural nail. A step that thins it while making it fragile. A fragility that weakens the nail and promotes the penetration of harmful products used in the manufacture of capsules or for the glue. Dermatologists discourage this excessive sanding of the nails.

Nail Detachment

The continuous wearing of false nails promotes the detachment of natural nails. It should be noted that the more the false nail is long, the more risks are accentuated. 

Fungus Infection

Wearing fake fingernails sometimes leads to natural yellow, brown or green nails caused by an infection. A situation caused by a microscopic fungus that feeds on keratin, the hard substance of the nail. The onychomycosis is very contagious and easily attacks the rest of the body…

Skin Cancer

Medical journals claim that at least two cases of skin cancer directly related to the placing of false nails have been detected in large Great Britain. The use of UV rays to harden the gel on the nails would be the cause of this illness.


Doctors also report deaths indirectly related to nail placing. In Canada, nurses have developed infections that ended up causing their deaths…

Vitamin E

Intimate friend of the face and skin

Vitamin E has always been used in ancestral beauty practices and has become a must in cosmetics. Out of these cosmetic products, this multifunctional ingredient is found in green vegetables, nuts and seeds, seafood and some fruits…

Nourishing Virtues

It hydrates and nourishes the skin from the inside. Recommended for dry skins, simply apply the oil to the skin or mix it with a cream.


It attenuates certain effects of age such as dull complexion, soft and weak skin.


Apply on the skin, it increases the level of nutrients in the epidermis. A situation that will lead to faster regeneration of skin tissue cells, lighten scarring and stretch marks.

Hair fall

The setback of iron deficiency

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