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Why dark skinned should equally protect themselves from the Sun

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Even if they are more resistant to its rays, they are nonetheless fragile.

Black and mixed skins are more resistant to sunlight. But this is not to say that they have no fragility in the face of the attacks of this heavenly body, especially in the tropical zone. The sun causes a darkening of recent scars and stains. It aggravates acne, itself a black spot generator. This is even more true on a skin subject to a unifying anti-spot treatment or, anti-pimples, the treated areas are then particularly sensitive to the action of solar rays.

Hence the need to integrate the use of sunscreens in its beauty care routine. This is the segment that two Nigerian sisters have chosen to explore. Chinelo Chidozie and Ndidi Obidoa have launched a solar range intended and adapted to black skin in 2017. The Bolden brand manufactures products based on shea nuts from Burkina Faso.

The two sisters went from their own personal need and analysed the market before setting up the business. “I was on leave and it was sunny. Wanting to get sunscreen, I went to the store, but none of the available products were suitable for my skin. They left a whitish paste on my skin and were not usable”, Chinelo revealed.

The Bolden brand’s mission is to celebrate the natural beauty of black skin throughout the world. The first thing to do is to preserve it. “Many blacks do not put sunscreen because they do not immediately perceive the damage of the sun’s rays: there is in the black community a problem of awareness about sunscreen,” said Chinelo during an interview. Because skin cancer does not affect people of colour as much as those with white skin, it is all the more dangerous for black skin that it often detects only when it is already at an advanced stage.

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