How to choose your perfume

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Certain attitudes must be observed to ensure that you buy the perfume that suits you.

Feeling good is one of the keys to self-confidence and transmits messages about the details of our personality. Also, important it is to choose your perfume well. Some people are sometimes seduced by the first effect of a perfume. Others experience repulsion. The first advice is not to rely on the first impression of a perfume or an eau de toilette spray.

When you want to test a perfume, take your time to discover its three notes. The top note (citrus and aromatics) are the most volatile: they are the ones that create the first impression. But, they fade away to give way to the notes of the heart, which reflect the true personality of the perfume. The background note, meanwhile, holds for several hours.

So, to get a good idea of your future perfume, you have to start by feeling it on a touch of paper or a Ribbon of cloth, by spraying it at about twenty centimetres to avoid that the alcohol does not take over the notes of the heads. Let it settle for a few seconds.

If you like the scent, try it inside your wrist. Do not rub your wrists against each other, at the risk of breaking olfactory molecules and denaturing the juice. If the charm works, resist the temptation to buy it immediately and let it evolve for a few hours.

Over the course of the hours, the fragrance reveals its notes of heart, which can be felt up to 4 hours after vaporization, and the background notes, which sometimes persist for several days.

These are the background notes that create the olfactory memory. We do not want to smell more than three or four juices as a result, in order to avoid saturating its smell

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