5 Habits to help you achieve clear skin

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Here are some easy tips to get clear skin. Very effective and practical:
1-Avoid sleeping with your face down. Sleeping on your back helps to protect your skin against acne. Sleeping with the face down clogs the pores. The skin on the face is very sensitive and needs to breath, especially through out the long hours of the night.
2-Don’t make it a habit to always have on, hairstyles that permit hair to rub on your face. Hair contains tonsil oil, which will clog the pores if rubbed on the face very regularly.
3-After washing your face, pat it with the towel, to dry it, instead of rubbing. Rubbing will spread the exfoliated skin back into the pores. Which is not healthy.
4-It is good practice to rinse the face with cold water after washing. The cold water seals the pores, so it is not exposed to dirt and bacteria.
5-Always cover your hair before sleeping, to prevent it from touching your face and clogging your pores.

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