She dreams of playing alongside Denzel Washington

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Khady Touré, the Ivorian actress and producer sees big. It was always her fault, but also his greatest quality. Today, after the shutters of her film “The Interpreter” she sees the future with optimism and determination. Mom for some time now, she’d like to conquer Hollywood. Careful! Not just any how! Playing alongside the greatest. Some would say that is impossible. As she would say “we always get there”…

Kadhy Toure, tell us about your film “The Interpreter 2” released a few months ago and which received a very nice welcome from the public…

This film is the sequel to “Interpreter 1”. It is the story of a woman who becomes unfaithful and tries to get rid of her husband.

Under what conditions was it shot?

It was shot in better conditions than the 1, with a more dynamic and professional team.

An interesting anecdote about the shooting of “Interpreter 2”?

Laugh. One day, an actress suddenly stopped shooting and locked herself in her room for almost 5 hours, while all the other actors were waiting for her. I almost went crazy that day. She only came out late at night because she was hungry.

What would you change if you had to redo “interpreter 2”?

Nothing. I was lucky on that movie.

You are an accomplished actress in Ivory Coast and known on the scale of the African continent. What are you aspiring to now?

Thanks (laugh). There is always a domain to be improved. I want to continue to produce and make works that will be better one after another.

Going through your biography, we realize that in general, you get what you want. But, are there any frustrations you have encountered in your career?

Laugh. Of course, but I still consider them to be beautiful experiences, and I confess that that is what strengthens me. The problems of financing, for example, are one of the biggest frustrations, but we always do with it.

With which actor would you like to play in your career?

Denzel Washington (laughter). I hope you’ll tell him.

You are mother for some time now. You shared the news on your Facebook page. How do you plan to reconcile family life with that of an entrepreneur?

Everything is a matter of organization and things come naturally when you are predisposed morally and psychologically.

How does it make you feel reading news articles about your private life when you’re rather discreet about it?

Laugh. Nothing at all. It is at the top of the mountain that the wind blows the most. Success also comes with its package.

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