How to make perfume last longer on your body

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Everybody loves to smell good all day long! 
Here are some tips on how to keep the fragrance of your perfume lingering on your body for longer hours:
1- Apply Vaseline on all the spots on your body where you plan to spray the perfume
2-Apply the perfume on your pulse points.
Points where the rate of your heart can be felt on your body.
They are usually the best spots to apply a scent/perfume/fragrance, because of the warmness of the blood.
Some of the pulse points on the human body are:
Located just under the ear(on the neck), At the bottom of the throat, inside the wrist, inside the elbow, behind the knee and inside the ankle.
3- Don’t rub the scent when you spray it on your body. Usually after applying a fragrance, people feel a need to rub it, thinking they are spreading the scent, meanwhile they are actually breaking down molecules of the perfume and making the scent to fade into thin air.
4-Store it in a cool place, far away from direct sunlight, because heat or direct sunlight would dilute its scent. Don’t store it in the bathroom either, because the humidity would destroy it as well.

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