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A walk through the depth of Beyonce’s fashion statements in her new music video: Spirit

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Beyonce is playing the role of Nala in Disney’s new rendition of The Lion King. To that effect she has released an African inspired album dubbed ‘The Lion King-The Gift’ in which she featured 11 African artistes. The tracks off the album would be the official soundtracks of the movie.

She released the first video off the album for the single titled ‘spirit’ and it is mind blowing. We could not help but notice the Africa- inspired Fashion pieces that Beyonce wore on the video. Here is a breakdown of some of the iconic pieces:
This is a custom Mark Fast bodycon dress. It’s texture and volume is very reminiscent of the grass skirts of the Tharaka Tribe of Kenya:

Custom Maison Alexandrine dress is embroidered in pearls and crystals. The cowrie harness is custom made by Laurel Dewitt and Alex Navarro

The cowrie shell was once used as currency in many African nations. It is a symbol of fertility as the round shape resembles a pregnant belly.

Beyoncé in custom Tongoro Studio bustier, suit and durag. It was made custom for her in Dakar, Senegal where Tongoro is based.

Senegal is known for their thriving textile industry. Fabrics with unique prints and patterns are a speciality. This suit really showcases that heritage.

The face jewelery is by Tongoro Studios. We see face adornments take on many variations throughout African countries + tribes. It’s beautifully referenced here. I feel like this is centering African standards of beauty as the focus is on the face. The dress is by Norma Kamali.
We can’t forget this beautiful cowrie headpiece by Lafalaise Dion. It is called “Lagbadja”! With this look, Beyonce was channeling the sun godess, Yemaha.
Reference: Fashion Editor- Shelby Ivey Christie

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