Death of the Director of the series “River hotel”

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Didier Ndenga gave up the ghost this Thursday in Paris.

The announcement of the broadcast of the series “River hotel” on TV5 Monde created quite an event in 2018. Not just because of its screenplay, but mostly its casting. The production brought together a range of stars to give weight to the series. Charlotte Dipanda, Fally Ipupa, Esther Kamatari, among others, gave the replica in different episodes.

Behind the project was Didier Ndenga, a dedicated Director from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He graduated from the Louis-Lumières film school in Paris. He’s been dreaming about this job since he was a kid. And when he received a camera as a gift, he began to realize his dream.

Didier Ndenga had made several clips (Werrason, Koffi Olomidé, magic system, Papa Wemba, etc.). But it was his film productions that gave him the most exposure to the media. One of them, “Chinatown”, had received the Silver Award for best film at the African Grand Prix of television and ICT cinema (Gpact, Abidjan) in 2014 and the best African Director at the Nafca 2015 Festival (Beverly Hills, USA).  “River hotel” gave him visibility that many filmmakers have on the African continent.

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