Hairstyle Tips: Snake Oil,the Miracle Hair product

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Its name alone is reason enough to divert and discourage those who want to give life back to their hair. It is nevertheless harmless because containing no track of ingredients in front of this reptile whose evocation alone freezes you cold in the back.. Reputed to have softening virtues for hair, this oil which is a mixture of several others, also fights dandruff and activates the growth of hair…

It is composed of argan oils, sweet almond, coconut, soy, castor, avocado, sesame and arugula. For its use you can choose the oil ban which consist of applying it on the scalp by massaging generously. Then wrap the hair in a plastic film or cloth and let the oil penetrate the whole night. Rinse in the morning insisting on removing all traces of oil. To be done every two weeks then once a month until you find hair healthy and full of vitality.

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