How to deal with your flaws and imperfections!

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People put a lot of pressure on themselves for how they look…We get carried away with trying to be perfect for people to see us and appreciate us, but we neglect our realities. Everybody has physical flaws and imperfections that they feel insecure about. They may be stretch marks, flappy arms, cellulite, a big stomach, small breasts, flat buttocks, freckles … but they are part of who you are, accept them, appreciate them and love yourself…
Stop looking at your favorite celebrity on Instagram and wishing you were him/her, because mind you, she has her own insecurities. Don’t get carried away by what people want you to perceive of them, to the extent that you start hating yourself, wishing you were them…No, God created you differently, uniquely for a purpose that only you can accomplish. If you were like everybody on Instagram, you would loose your uniqueness.
These two major points will help you deal with your physical flaws/imperfections:
1-Accept them.
Don’t live in a delusion, by denying your realities. Accept that you are the way you are.
Call those flaws and imperfections by their name and accept them!
2- Stop hiding them, instead show them off!
For example by wearing outfits that suit your body type. This would help you appreciate them more and see them as assets
Don’t live for likes and notifications on social media, live for yourself, accept your realities and own your happiness, don’t let your flaws steal your joy and rob you of a good life of inner-peace… Those who constantly use them to pick on you and make you feel bad about yourself are definitely people you should avoid. Draw closer to those who tell you the truth with love and make you feel good about yourself.
Appreciation and contentment are the major keys to happiness, be thankful for who you are, work on who you want to become, and look forward to who you are becoming!
Never forget, You are beautiful, just the way you are! 

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