Lynched for kissing Beyonce

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Omari Hardwick an American actor gets criticisms because he gave a kiss to Beyonce close to her mouth.
The 50th NAACP image awards ceremony took place last Saturday. This event rewards film, music, literary and television productions, as well as their actors, specifically of the black community.
This important moment of the community was honoured by many stars. This year, the distinctions have less attention than a kiss. Infact, a video captured greetings between Omari Hardwick and the couple Beyonce/Jay-Z. We see the actor lingering during his contact with Beyonce. He kissed her on the cheek, clenched her in her arms and kissed her again, but this time the kiss landed close to her mouth.
It did not take more to ignite the Internet users. Some felt that the second Kiss was too much and that a handshake would have sufficed. Others have seen a lack of respect towards Jay-Z. A minority thinks it is just an accident as it can happen to anyone.
In any case, Beyonce looked very embarrassed after the “misplaced” kiss. Neither of the two stars have reacted yet to this controversy.

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