Our schizophrenic beauty cannons

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A video produced by the American television channel CNN has been circulating for several weeks on social networks. It shows how the representation of beauty has evolved through time and in different Western societies. It was discovered that there was a time when muscular, athletic women were the most beautiful and even the object of sculpted models. It is realized in the same video that the little big belly was admitted as being sexy at one time and the "pear" breasts as well.
From prehistory to Instagram frenzy, the video challenges modern stereotypes about beauty. We are told today that being beautiful is like the icons of social networks. Big lips, well apple; big breasts, big buttocks, flat belly. Yes, thats what the Kardashian sisters impose on the world. Even if it is with scalpels, they impose a model of carcass once looked at the corner.
But before the clan of the Ks, there was Madonna and her conical support created by Jean-Paul Gaultier, Grace Jones and her androgynous look. There was mostly the pulpy Marilyn Monroe, and many others. All these women, each with its singular trait, have helped redefine each time the model of the dream body. Despite all this, beauty has remained in the eye of the one who looks at it. Its still true today.
Each culture has its values, its gaze on the other. Beauty among the Masai of Kenya is not that of the Eton in Cameroon or that of the Berbers of Morocco. Why go into mussels to be accepted? Is it not the most important to accept oneself?
The video message from CNN is very simple. Accept yourself as you are and watch with disdain the obsession for the fine waist. In 10 years, the influencers; will impose other cannons. Do you intend to follow them? If so, until when will you continue to deny the body of which you are a prisoner?

In the end, what is beauty here or else where? I would say that it is simply the fact of loving oneself, loving, and taking the utmost care of it.

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