Rebecca Ayoko: From broken little girl to symbol of black Beauty

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She was one of the first black women to have paraded for the great fashion designers like Yves Saint Laurent in France. At 58 years old, she has lost nothing of her superb and militates for African policies to pay more attention to the fashion industry and its actors…

Rebecca Ayoko, pure African beauty, moved the lines in the 80s, becoming one of the first black models to parade on the podiums of the great creators. Yves Saint Laurent made her a muse for a decade. But as the milieu/environment was cruelly attached to the symbol of eternal youthfulness, Rebecca Ayoko saw her star gradually extinguished when the Guinean Katoucha landed in the game.

The Togolese is therefore out of the game. Her descent into the underworld, both psychological and financial, removed her from the flashes. In her autobiography entitled “When the stars become black” that appeared in 2012, the dummy confessed to selling her valuable jewellery and resorted to the restos of the heart to survive. An experience that probably brought back unhappy memories of his childhood. Beaten, raped, Rebecca became a mother at age of 13.

Today she seems to have regained the fur of the beast. The Togolese appeared beautiful and smiling at the last Fima, in Dakhla. At 58, Rebecca Ayoko asserts her activism for a better consideration for fashion and its actors in Africa. “If I managed to fill the top of the chart, it means the potential of the model” black “. The woman of colour or mixed sublimes/perfects every garment she wears and the great fashion designers have understood it, she says. “Only, the black dummy doesn’t need to go abroad to shine. It is the duty of our policies to value our skills and offer them the means to assert themselves at home, says Rebecca Ayoko, whose career has allowed many young black women to dream.

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