Should you wash your hair before applying a relaxer?

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There is this myth that has taken over women  especially in the African society, stating that before applying hair relaxers, women should not wash their hair for a while, because it has to be dirty for the relaxing process to be effective and hurt-free. 
Many women go for weeks and months with unwashed hair because they want to relax it. Well, that myth is so false. Hair does not have to be dirty before hair relaxers are applied.
The hair should instead be washed at least 4 days to the day scheduled for the hair relaxer to be applied on it, because shampooing will strip the hair of its necessary oils and natural lubricants that will protect it during the chemical(relaxer) application process. So 4 days gives the hair time to produce sufficient natural lubricants(serum) to protect the hair upon usage of the relaxer. You can also add some castor, olive, jojoba or coconut oil to the hair and scalp to protect it as well.
If you wash your hair the day you want to relax your hair, then you would likely have burns and pain, because your hair would not have produced enough natural lubricants to withstand the relaxer.

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