The executioners had better watch out

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The Fespaco 2019 will have served great moments of emotion for film buffs. It is not often that we have the opportunity to see African films. From February 23rd to March 2nd, festival-goers have had their hands full. About 455 films projected in the various broadcast spaces of Ouagadougou, the capital of African cinema in a space of one week. It was worth the trip…

If this fiftieth anniversary has been marked by beautiful productions, significant presences and interesting content, it has also opened the field of possibilities for women who have decided to release the word. Indeed, the Fespaco 2019 will remain in the annals for a controversy over the aggressions suffered by women in the film industry. An open debate on the issue by Aïssa Maïga allowed Azata Soro to denounce an injustice which she suffered on the shooting of a series by director Tahirou Tasséré Ouedraogo. The production was in competition at this festival.

The revelations and the emotion filmed have created an outcry on social networks. In tears, Azata Soro explained how she was disfigured by Tahirou Tasséré, who was not punished at the height of his act. The evidence, the case did not make much buzz at the time of the deed.

Many women do not wear marks as visible as those of Azata Soro. They are harassed, trampled, humiliated, forced to sleep to get roles or to ensure an ascent in the middle. A hideous face that remains long hidden. The secret becomes too heavy when after giving so much, they always find themselves at the same point.

Even for those who tutored fame, to be silent in the face of the magnitude of the phenomenon-not dating from yesterday-is a thorn in the foot. So what is left for these women who have talent for sale, but whose only sin is to be born women… to be desirable? Simple answer: Internet.

The relaying around this controversy over the Internet has imposed a more severe sentence than a court. Tahirou Tasséré has lost much of his financial support, including the TV5 monde channel. No one has openly defended himself. Around a luncheon, a filmmaker clearly felt that this was the end for him. It remains to be seen.

It is perhaps time that men who harass or condition the success of women in their carnal pleasures open their eyes to our time. It’s 2019. Everything is known. Everything is likely to be known. When you make the choice to be executioners, have in mind that a 15 second audio broadcast on social networks is enough to break all your dreams. Don’t play with the fire. Feminist movements have something to do, of course. But social networks remain one of the best answers to this disgrace. And this is just the beginning!

Taking advantage of your position to crush others is not the most honourable posture. I am curious to know how much fun it is to be able to make a weaker being more fragile.

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