This is how to get Baby Soft Lips!

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Everyone wants to have alluring lips! This Do-it-yourself beauty therapy is the way to go!! 
-Small cup
-1 Teaspoon of natural honey
-1 Teaspoon of olive oil, sunflower oil or almond oil
-Granulated white sugar
-Lemon juice (optional)
-Moisturizer or lip balm
-Warm the honey on fire or microwave for about 5 seconds
-Mix honey and oil (olive, sunflower or almond) in cup
-Add granulated sugar and stir
-Add few drops of lemon juice if you feel like having a more soothing effect
-Apply mixture on lips in a circular motion for about two minutes
-Wipe out scrub using cotton
-Finalize by applying lip moisturizer or balm
-Repeat 2-3 times a week and your lips will be baby soft after one or two months
-You can store your excess lip exfoliator in a closed container and keep in the fridge for future use.

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