Is actress Claudia Tagbo engaged to a woman in the comedy “what have we done to the Good God 2?”

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The comedy won best film at the French box office in 2014 in the presence of more than 12.5 million viewers. After the success of the first part of the American comedy “What have we done to the Good God”, the production house returns with the continuation of the history of a typical Verneuil family.

In the comedy, the ivorian actress and comedian plays the role of Viviane’s future wife. This time the Koffis will have it hot… with daughter of a conservative Ivorian family, bound by marriage to the verneuils.

The casting was renewed for this other episode involving a saga between the Verneuils and the Koffis. The father (incarnated by Christian Clavier), his wife and daughters whowere drawn to the exotic choice of their men,return to the big screen (in the cinema hall) from 30 January 2019. That day, we will discover a new character in this comedy to die of laughter for. Nicole, embodied by Claudia Tagbo, is the future wife of Viviane, the daughter of the Koffis. Who had already had to accept the marriage of their son to a white and arrive in France to marry their daughter to… another woman? Hello the twists…

For their part, Claude and Marie Verneuil are facing a new crisis. Their four sons, Rachid, David, Chao and Charles are determined to leave France with their wives and kids to try their luck abroad. They are willing to do anything to hold their sons back since they can’t imagine their family away from them.

The preview is scheduled for January 14th at the Grand Rex in Paris. Directed by Philippe De Chauveron, “What have we done to the good God 2” is already very much awaited.

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